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Nations Cups (CDIOs) & Compete Abroad

CDIO competitions are Team Competitions. CDIOs may be held at Senior Level (i.e. CDIO3*, CDIO5*) as well as at youth and developing Grand Prix levels (i.e. CDIO-Y, CDIO-U25).  Some CDIOs (at the Senior level) are also part of the FEI Nations Cup Series. The FEI began the pilot FEI Nations Cup series for Dressage in 2013 which became official in 2016. The US won the first official series in 2016 and placed second in 2017.


Please see Additional Resources below for how the US teams are selected and Application Instructions.


Please visit Athlete Services for more information on competing outside of the U.S. 


Questions?   Contact Laura Roberts, Managing Director of Dressage

Additional Resources

Annex B

USA Dressage Minimum Entry Requirements for CDIs. Updated 11.21.2022

2023 US CDIO Selection Procedures

Selection Procedures for CDIOs (with exceptions for Observation Events, etc). Posted 11/18/2022.

Horse Participation Agreement

USEF Horse Participation Agreement